Meditation is a practice that meets you where you are.

You don’t need to have a clear mind or even to sit still.

What do you need?

Consistency. A sense of humor. An adventurous spirit.

And a teacher you can trust.

Meditation practices, workshop recordings,

& more on my YouTube channel.

This video contains seven simple practices
for creating calm and building resilience.

Jen Wilking

About Jen Wilking

My intention is to enrich lives with the practices of meditation.
More strength, less pain.
Less stress, better sleep.
More focus and improved resilience.

My hope is that through practice, we uncover our true selves.

We use our gifts and energy for good, and the world becomes a better place person by person, relationship by relationship.

I was a physical therapist before I found yoga. At first I saw absolutely everything through the eyes of the physical body – muscles, bones, and movement. Over time, I became more interested in the energetic and mental benefits of yoga. They were powerful, but the benefits didn’t seem to last all that long after class. With more training and more teaching, I began to explore the teachings of yoga and share them in my classes. It was transformational.

Whether you join me for a class, a workshop, or an individual session, we’ll work to optimize the way the systems of your body work together. If you’re interested in developing your physical, mental, and spiritual health, I’d love to share the practice of yoga with you. We’ll travel the path together, focusing on strength, balance, and flexibility that goes far beyond the physical.

As a guide, I share the practices and point you toward your innate wisdom and intuition so that you live a life that is true to you. When we live aligned with what we value, we live with meaning and purpose. Meditation helps us to filter the noise.

Credentials, Education, & Training

As teachers, we’re lifelong learners. We share what we’ve learned, experienced, and created.

We send it into the world and hope that it makes a difference.

I’m very grateful for the people who have shared so generously with me.


PT – Licensed Physical Therapist

DPT – Doctor of Physical Therapy

C-IAYT – Certified Yoga Therapist


Doctorate of Physical Therapy (2017) – Arcadia University

MS – Exercise Science & Wellness (1999) – Arizona State University

BS – Physical Therapy (1995) – The Ohio State University

Yoga Training/Relevant Continuing Education

200-hour vinyasa training – Cambio Yoga (2012)

300-hour advanced training certification – Kindness Yoga (2014)

Yoga as Medicine with Ginger Garner, PT, DPT, ATC (2016)

Piston Science with Julie Wiebe (2017)

Yoga Nidra Training with Jeremy Wolf (2018)

iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation Level 1 Teacher Training with Richard Miller & Stephanie Lopez (2020)